Leafy greens are truly an essential part of a healthy and nutritious diet. These are usually crispy and are eaten raw to preserve their nutrients. Among those types of greens that are best liked by a lot of people are spinach, lettuce and arugula.

Since these are often eaten raw, they are primarily a source of food poisoning. Thus, they need to be washed, prepared, stored and handled properly. This way, you can surely enjoy them the most.

Terra’s Garden has simply introduced a groundbreaking process of washing and cleaning greens. This way, packaged salads are thoroughly washed and cleaned the best. With the recent reports about the contamination of the biggest brands in the market, the products from Terra’s Garden are found not to contain harmful bacteria and all other contamination there may be. These will never leave you seriously ill. This will never be considered as a big issue.

As compared to the packaged salads offered in the market, ours are the best as they go through the systematic process known as Terra Pure. The best thing about this is that it does not use any unclean irrigation water. The leaves do not also get in contact with any unsanitary practices of humans. Even before the greens are completely packaged, they are first washed.

You get the cleanest and freshest greens for your salad. In addition to the method, no chlorinated water is used for it to remain fresh and tasty. This is the standard method that kills ninety-nine point nine percent of bacteria.

Of course, there is no single human here on earth who would love to eat greens that are coated in chemicals such as chlorine. Thus, this is completely eliminated in the process. You will only be required pop a bag and enjoy! There is no need to worry about your greens not being clean. They are washed, and packed on our special bags for the easiest salad recipe you have been waiting for.

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