It is disappointing how most people prefer to avoid salads or take them in the wrong way, and don’t see all the nutritional benefits that it brings them. They don’t realize that the right salads will go a long way in bringing great health benefits in the long run.<!–more–> No matter the type of salad, it is imperative that it be included as part of the daily meals.

Different salads are composed differently and they also offer varied nutritional value. In most of your encounters with the various types, you will admit that spring mix and romaine lettuce always make a lot of appearances in your dish or plate. Many are never even able to differentiate between the two but having this ability can make you appreciate the salad much deeper by understanding the particular benefits it has for you. Here are some insights about the two-:

Spring Mix – Spring Mix contains a blend of baby whole leaf varieties of vegetables. They are soft, tender, succulent and full of nutritional values. They are also very rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. The composition of Spring Mix might contain some or all of the following-: tango, mizuna, green oak, green romaine, read mustard, red leaf, beet tops, radicchio, tatsoi, frisee, aragula, baby spinach, green chard and green leaf. Some of the best places to find high quality spring mix salads are state of California, Arizona and Tennessee.

Romaine Lettuce – Romaine Lettuce on the other hand does not feature a lot of other vegetables as the spring mix. It is essentially a variety of the lettuces. This salad is predominantly composed of green and crispy lettuce leaves. It is also important to note that Romaine Lettuce is one of the healthiest salads, hence its popularity amongst those keen on nutrition. Just like with the other salads, most of it is produced in California and it’s available throughout the year.

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