When it comes to enjoying the healthiest diet possible, we all know that we have to eat green. The problem that many of us face when it comes to eating green vegetables however is that they are bland. When cultivated under the right conditions, then washed and packaged correctly a summer salad can have <!–more–>nearly as much appeal as a steak.

We at Terra’s Garden want you to fall in love with lettuce again. We have created a one of a kind product that is grown in specialty conditions to ensure only the best production, packaged in a unique design to ensure freshness and washed far longer than your average spring mix. As a result of our effort and production design, we bring you a product direct to your own local store that tastes better, stays fresher longer and can be healthier for you.

A lot goes into creating the lettuce that goes into your typical salad, including a number of unseen variables. One of the unfortunate aspects of production in the lettuce industry is that manufacturers are often forced to use pesticides and other additives to ensure the proper growth yield. The use of these pesticides not only changes the way that the lettuce tastes, but it can lead to some overwhelming effects if it is not washed off properly.

Using our methods you do not end up with lettuce that is treated harshly with chemicals. We also wash our lettuce far better than the competitors so that you end up with just the end product, no earthy tones, no discoloration and no change in the taste. It is like lettuce straight from your garden hand washed in your sink.

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