Our company Terra’s Garden is very unique in the way we clean produce. With custom machines and an organic process wash, we remove contaminants such as E. Coli. What’s special about, us is that you keep seeing companies that have to close down due to cross contamination, which usually the culprit is human contact with the produce. In our process there is no human contact since it is all automated.

A couple of months ago we spoke with Chipotle to offer our cleaning services and to eliminate their risk or cross contamination. We were told that at the moment they were not interested in our services since their washing process was sufficient.

Unfortunately, having the farms do a simple wash (even triple) in contaminated water and then having the restaurant employees wash it manually is not enough to remove these powerful contaminants. 

We spent 4 years engineering and coming up with a process that will eliminate the risk of cross contamination that you keep seeing so often in the news these days.

We contracted a 3rd party lab to test our produce versus the 4 leading brands in the supermarket. The test confirmed that we are 300% cleaner than them. The mold and yeast content was much higher than ours.  Two of the leading brands had traces of pesticides, which our process removes. The most alarming fact was that in some of the leading competitors bags, they found pieces of unidentified object that were not of food nature.

We believe that Chipotles contamination may have happened on the farm level during harvesting. It is extremely hard to monitor human workers and make sure that even with gloves that their hands are clean. Someone might use the restroom with their working gloves or wipe an open orifice on their body with the same gloves they work on the line and therefore contaminating the product. Many times the farms cant dry their produce properly and having moist leaves, it creates a breeding ground for bacteria.

The industry standard of “Triple washed” is just not enough to remove these bacteria’s as evident by the contaminations that we keep seeing these days. 

Not long ago Taylor Farm had to shut down their second shift to feces found in their plant contaminating their produce. This was told to us directly from one of their food safety managers. You can see this story here:


We are the first company that has no human contact on our food processing line and uses redundant water filtration systems to clean our water along with an organic formula that removes contaminants. The first person that will touch the lettuce in our bags is the consumer that opens it.

It has come to a point where companies need to stop using untrained workers on a product that is so sensitive to contamination and use aggressive measures to clean their produce better, so that issues like this should never arise again.

No one can fully stop all contaminations, but by understanding where the main culprits of contaminations happen, this will help produce companies reduce outbreaks of  such as E. coli that keeps plaguing this industry.

Learn more about what e.coli is http://wb.md/1MI0ciG

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