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romaine hearts

(16oz – 48oz)

A crisp, distinctive lettuce used in classic caesar salad.


broccoli florets

(16oz – 48oz)

Broccoli is an edible green plant in the cabbage family with a large flowering head that’s eaten as a vegetable.


sugar snaps

(16oz – 48oz)

Delicious and nutritious, stringless pods that are loaded with folate, vitamin C, carotenoids and antioxidants.



(16oz – 48oz)

A deep green, small leaf that makes a hearty salad or wilts into hot pasta or other cooked dishes.



(16oz – 48oz)

Tenderly delicious spears that you can easily cook and add to many recipes.


snow peas

(16oz – 48oz)

The sweet pods are tasty when stir-fried or cooked just a few minutes so that they remain crisp.


spring mix

(16oz – 48oz)

Contains carefully selected baby lettuces and greens, picked when the tiny leaves are perfect and whole.


brussel sprouts

(16oz – 48oz)

Packed dark leaves and is easy to harvest, prepare and enjoy. It’s one irresistible sprout: a mini cabbage with maximum flavor.


french beans

(16oz – 48oz)

The rich flavor of these thin, straight, tender beans is unlike any other.



(16oz – 32oz)

A leafy green that works well to add spice to a leaf mix or on its own for a bold tasting dish.



(16oz – 48oz)

The taste of okra is mild. It has an unique texture with a peach-like fuzz on the outside and mini edible seeds on the inside of the pod.


cauliflower florets

(16oz – 48oz)

This curciferous vegetable is very similar to broccoli but different in taste. It has a creamy and delicate flavor when cooked.