Kale belongs to the group of the most prominent leafy vegetables. It is popular in Europe and with an influence in many other countries as well, coming in the form of raw food with a large variety of benefits for our health.

Kale has been featured in many national dishes – from Africa to Asia, Brazil, Sweden and Montenegro – it is definitely a global vegetable source used in many international cuisines, however still a bit under the radar when it comes to the United States.

As a raw leady vegetable, kale is very easy to cook and serve – but also amazingly beneficial to our health. It is also inexpensive and blends well with any recipe – as long as you want a delicious and boasting vegetable salad or decor on your plate that carries tons of health benefits.

The Health Benefits of Kale

When it comes to weight loss and the caloric benefits, kale takes pride in being one of the best vegetables for a weight loss diet – with averaging 33.5 calories in 1 cup of the veggie. But more importantly, kale has a proven set of nutritional benefits that are simply the best of what this veggie has to offer.

First of all, the high fibers found in kale are the primary ingredient that aids the digestion process and therefore helps our metabolism. Kale also has a storage of a set of antioxidants inside its substance, which are extremely beneficial and helpful against cancer. In general, kale is a great food for weight loss, detoxifying but also living as healthy as possible – which is why it holds the nickname as ‘the queen of the greens’.

How To Prepare Kale

If you want to try out this amazing veggie, you should know that kale is best when is steamed off – simply because the nutrients remain intact this way. Also, it is great to use in your daily smoothie, as it will detoxify and protect you against many diseases. Soups are also best when kale is included in them, but the best way to prepare kale is definitely in its raw form – eaten in the form of lettuce in salad.


In the end, the leafy vegetables have been proven to do wonders against common threats like flu, cold and maintaining the overall health. Apart from keeping you healthy and topped up with amazing nutrients, kale always results with a better skin and more vitamins in your body. Try it out in your smoothie, soup or salad – and take control over your health!

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