Changes in lifestyle and eating habits has resulted in the abuse of our body; eating junk food, following a sedentary lifestyle, consumption of toxins acoomulate on our body every day.

The need to cleanse our system has motivated many families and individuals to follow a cleaner and healthier diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits.

Fresh vegetables, especially green leafy varieties, and fruits are high in nutrients and low in calories. They nourish our body without causing excess weight gain. Green leafy vegetables when consumed in their raw form help in weight reduction and provide us with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables offers other benefits such as:

Weight loss – A lot celebrities follow a diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits. This keeps them hydrated and full without causing weight gain. Fruits and fresh green leafy vegetables are rich in fibres and have low fat; this is the perfect recipe for weight loss. Daily intake of a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruits keeps you healthy and fit.

Glowing and younger looking skin – Fruits and vegetables are rich in anti-oxidants, these help to keep your skin looking fresh and younger. Eating fresh green salads daily will result in a glowing and attractive skin.

Keeps the heart healthy and hearty – Fibres present in fruits and vegetables absorb the cholesterol and remove them from your body. Leafy vegetables are also a source of omega-3 fats which keeps your heart healthy. Switching unhealthy snacks with raw and fresh fruits and leafy greens helps to remove the bad cholesterol from your blood stream.

Lowers the risk of cancer – Vegetables and fruits are said to have cancer fighting properties. Fresh and raw vegetables contain plant chemicals eliminates carcinogens from the body. But since these plant chemicals can lose their cancer fighting enzymes when cooked, you get the maximum benefit when these vegetables are consumed in their raw form.

Lowers blood pressure – Leafy greens such as green romaine, spinach and kale are a wonderful source of potassium and magnesium, and these nutrients balance the stress hormones and help to reduce blood pressure.

Being low in sodium and rich in fibres and other nutrients, fresh fruits and vegetables keeps your body healthy and enhances the overall well-being.

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