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When your salad is clean and free of contaminants, not only is it better for you, but it tastes better and it stays fresher longer. That’s why our leaves are washed like never before. Learn more.

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A super-convenient way to a happy and healthy salad celebration. learn more.

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Do you often wonder if your prewashed salad is really clean? E. coli, Staphylococcus, pesticides, fungicides, insects, are not things you really want in your body, but have been found in packaged salads. That’s why we teamed up with top university professors in the agriculture field, scientists, laboratories and leading engineers to develop a new way to wash and package fresh produce. The result is TerraPure™ our groundbreaking cleaning and packing process. TerraPure™ combines an innovative organic wash with gentle brushing techniques, and powerful redundant filtration. The entire process is fully automated eliminating human interaction (contamination). The result goes far beyond the standard industrial triple washes to provide clean greens that you can trust going directly from our bag to your bowl.

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Getting fresh with your greens

The color, the texture, the flavor… all relate to freshness. Nowhere is this more evident than with your salad greens. That’s why we search out the best local farms, with growers who are sticklers for quality. That way your greens can be harvested, packaged, and make the short journey to your favorite market the same day… we all know time is of the essence. And thanks to our special airflow packaging and the fact that our leaves are cleaned (free of virtually all contaminants and bacteria), rather than just washed, they maintain their pristine nature and just picked flavor longer.

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Salad and earth lovers rejoice

No matter what methods are used, agriculture always has some impact on the environment. To reduce ours, we’ve developed an organic based wash that has no chemical footprint. And our washing process uses less of our most precious resource—water. The water that we do use is returned to nature cleaner than when it arrived. On top of that, our insistence on sourcing locally means less transportation… less greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

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Packaged garden goodness

Convenience you can trust, that you can feel good about… it’s our promise with every bag. From our purely romaine to our delightful spring mix to our potent power blend, our greens are extra clean, crisp and flavorful. So pop open a bag and toss it with your family’s favorites, it’s a super-convenient way to a happy and healthy salad celebration.

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